Beer, Cigarettes To Cost More.

Consumers of alcoholic beverages and tobacco are soon to pay more as President Muhammadu Buhari at the weekend approved an amendment to the excise duty rates with effect from Monday, June 4, 2018.

Minister of Finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun, who made this known yesterday in Abuja, stated that the new excise duty rates were spread over a three-year period from 2018 to 2020 in order to moderate the impact on prices of the products.

She disclosed that the new excise duty regimes followed all-inclusive engagements by the Tariff Technical Committee of the Federal Ministry of Finance with key industry stakeholders.

According to her, the upward review of the excise duty rates for alcoholic beverages and tobacco was to achieve a dual benefit of raising the government’s fiscal revenues and reducing the health hazards associated with tobacco-related diseases and alcohol abuse.

“The Tariff Technical Committee (TCC) recommended the slight adjustment in the excise duty charges after cautious considerations of the government’s Fiscal Policy Measures for 2018 and the reports of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund Technical Assistance Mission on Nigeria’s Fiscal Policy.

“The effect of the excise duty rates adjustment on trade and investment was also assessed by the Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment and it adopted the recommendations of the TTC.

“Furthermore, peer country comparisons were also carried out showing Nigeria as being behind the curve in the review of excise duty rates on alcoholic beverages and tobacco,” she said.

Following the president’s approval, Adeosun disclosed that the new excise duty rate on tobacco was now a combination of the existing ad-valorem base rate and specific rate while the ad-valorem rate was replaced with a specific rate for alcoholic beverages.

“For alcoholic beverages, the current ad-valorem rate will be replaced with specific rates and spread over three years to moderate the impact on prices. This will curb the discretion in the unit cost analysis (UCA) for determining the ad-valorem rate and prevent revenue leakages.

“For tobacco, the government will maintain the current ad-valorem rate of 20 per cent and introduce additional specific rates with the implementation to be spread over a three-year period to also reasonably reduce the impact on prices,” she explained.

Under the newly approved excise duty rates for tobacco in addition to the 20 per cent ad-valorem rate, each stick of cigarette will attract a N1 specific rate per stick (N20 per pack of 20 sticks) in 2018, N2 specific rate per stick (N40 per pack of 20 sticks) in 2019 and N2.90k specific rate per stick (N58 per pack of 20 sticks) in 2020.

The minister explained that Nigeria’s cumulative specific excise duty rate for tobacco was 23.2 per cent of the price of the most sold brand, as against 38.14 per cent in Algeria, 36.52 per cent in South Africa and 30 per cent in Gambia.

Enyeama escapes death in France

Nigerian international, Vincent Enyeama and his Lille teammates on Saturday scampered for safety, following an assailment from their own fans.

Adherents broke through the barriers after a 1-1 draw with Montpellier and assailed their own players.

Security and stewards were unable to stop fans invading the pitch and had to move expeditiously to bulwark the Lille and Montpellier players.

The players were coerced to flee from the Stade Pierre-Mauroy pitch as fans circumvented their own players and endeavored to confront them.

Lille is in hazard of being relegated from the first division and sit second from bottom after the latest result.

A dismal season had bred anger among the fans, who had directed their rage at club president, Gerard Lopez and the under-performing players.

Tension erupted into chaos on Saturday, in what Lille striker, Yassine Benzia described as a terrible experience.

‘We understand the reaction, but we can’t accept that players have been assailed,’ Benzia verbalized.

End Of The Road For Two Hyena Poachers In Bauchi State.

Two Hyena poachers were apprehended last week by vigilant rangers in Yankari Game Reserve in Bauchi state. The two men were reportedly caught tracking hyena footprints back to their den. According to reports, these poachers are specialized in capturing live hyenas which are then sold to local circuses. They are currently awaiting court trial.

Engr. Peter Ede Empowerment Initiative Puts Joy In The Minds Of The Helpless People In Ebonyi State.

Engr. peter Ede is a born pilantropist who happens to come from Ebonyi State. He has really proved himself a real philanthropist by giving series of Federal Jobs to many helpless unemployed Ebonyi State indigenes. Just this afternoon he announced on his Facebook wall the automatic employment of Mr.Okepka Udoka E. This type of gesture is worthy of emulation by fellow Nigerians as it would go a long way to wipen the tears of many who have been whiling idly in the street without hope after their educational career.